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About Us

The company Wibaumix Ltd was created in 1991.Till 1993 the main company’s activity was concentrated in the field of servicing and reconstruction of electro- and pneumatic systems – control systems for different kind of concrete mixing plants produced by  ELBA, STETTER, BAUKEMA.

In 1993 was created also a team of specialists for development and design of specialized software and variety of unique programmable logical controllers for control of multi-point weight dosage, temperature processes and etc.

Since middle of 1994 the direction of development and production activity for applied software and specialized hardware for vybro-press machine control pass on to newly-created company Galabov&Co Ltd.

In the scope of activity of Wibaumix remained the direction of projecting and production of machine equipment – design of different mixer’s modifications, concrete mixing plants, modules for asphalt-mixing installations, crushing-sift installations and since 2006 a team with specialization for design and production of technological lines for vybro-pressed concrete elements in the following modifications:

- Economical variant – machine with production capacity 350÷450m²

- Variant with higher production capacity – 1200÷2000m²

Scope of activity

  • Specialized building machines and facilities
  • Metal constructions
  • Machines and facilities mainly in the field of building and road-building equipment – concrete mixing and asphalt mixing plants
  • Technological lines for production of vybro-pressed concrete elements
  • Unique mechanical modules and constructions
  • Reconstruction and service of concrete and asphalt mixing plants
  • Different kind of technological lines
  • Mechanics: filters, valves, screw conveyors, mixers
  • Components for different kind of conveyor belts
  • Gear-motors

Wibaumix Ltd

1618 Sofia, Bulgaria

kv.Ovcha kupel 1,bl.611A

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